Honesty, Bullying and Criticism



Hey everyone! So a big thing that happens a lot is cyber bullying. While I do not encourage bullying I have noticed that sometimes people are offended even when the person is just trying to criticize the work. What I mean is sometimes (Not always) criticism is mistaken with bullying. Sometimes people have trouble describing their opinions without being rude or being perceived as rude. I am NOT saying bullying is right. But I am saying thatr some people have trouble communicating more than others. There ARE many people who WANT to offend people and I don’t like that. But there are also people who don’t always know how to communicate their feelings properly. It all adds up to how you say something and also what your intentions behind the comment were. But another thing people need to understand is that it is okay to have your own opinions. If someone disagrees with someone it doesn’t always make them a bully. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and freedom of speech. But again it also depends on how you say it. I am trying to speak from all point of views. There are sometimes when people pretend to like or dislike something in order to fit in because they are afraid to express their honest opinions. If someone doesn’t like the same music or TV shows as you that’s okay. That is their opinion as well. There are a lot of times  when I read comments on videos or on social media I hear people telling others to kill themselves (Which is way too far!) just because they insulted their favorite singer or show. It is things like that that make people afraid to express their opinions. NOBODY should to told to kill themselves. Again I am trying to speak on both sides. There are times when people make highly unnecessary statements and there are also times when people are accused of making mean comments when they meant no harm. And There are also times when people are accused of saying things that they didn’t say because they were misunderstood.


Author: justmytwocents95

I blog about various topics. Some are about me and some are about other things. They will not be organized into just one topic. . I prefer blogging over vlogging because I hate the sound of my voice. But I will try to keep my blogs interesting. Some random facts about me would that my sun sign is Cancer, my Moon sign is Pisces and my rising is Leo. I am an INFP. My favorite shows are Steven Universe, Teen Titans (The Original), Avatar: The Last Airbender and Batman The Animated Series. My favorite movie is Spirited Away. I also love fast roller coasters. Anyways thanks for reading this. I hope you enjoy my blogs. Let me know what you think. I am open to constructive criticism. Also if you do enjoy my blogs feel free to share, comment or like. It really helps me out. :)

One thought on “Honesty, Bullying and Criticism”

  1. I have to say I really agree with this blog. I think the people making the really nasty comments are only hiding behind their phone or computer. It’s pretty sad that putting someone down is the only way they can feel good about themselves.

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