Common Names



Before I start listing the names I just wanted to note that many names are more common in different parts of the world than others. Some names may be more popular in other states or countries than they are in others compared to where I am.



I live in the south part of the United States. And ever since I lived in GA I noticed a lot of my classmates in high school and middle school had the same name. The first common name I noticed was Katie. Whether you spelled Katie or Katy it was very common where I am. I could name at least 9 Katie’s off the top of my head that I knew.



The next common name is Mike. It’s short, simple and easy to pronounce. That must be why a lot of people chose that name. For some people it was a nickname for Michael. And for some Mike was their real name. My family and I knew so many mikes that we even came up with other nicknames for them so that we knew which Mike we were talking about.


The next common name is Taylor. When I was a kid I always thought Taylor was only a girl’s name. I eventually found out that it is actually a unisex name. Whether it was a guy Taylor or a girl Taylor there are lot’s of them here. There are also some people who spell it Tayler instead of Taylor. Very creative.



And last but not least the next common name around here is Amber. When I was in middle school I only knew a couple of Amber’s. But when I got to high school I knew many more and started to realize it was more common than I realized.



Author: justmytwocents95

I blog about various topics. Some are about me and some are about other things. They will not be organized into just one topic. . I prefer blogging over vlogging because I hate the sound of my voice. But I will try to keep my blogs interesting. Some random facts about me would that my sun sign is Cancer, my Moon sign is Pisces and my rising is Leo. I am an INFP. My favorite shows are Steven Universe, Teen Titans (The Original), Avatar: The Last Airbender and Batman The Animated Series. My favorite movie is Spirited Away. I also love fast roller coasters. Anyways thanks for reading this. I hope you enjoy my blogs. Let me know what you think. I am open to constructive criticism. Also if you do enjoy my blogs feel free to share, comment or like. It really helps me out. :)

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