Why I Don’t Buy Magazines


We all know what Magazines are. We’ve all seen them. But not all of us like them. Some things that they have are interesting. But I don’t read them cause a lot of times they aren’t true. While not everything they say is false, a lot of what they say is just gossip. I’ll be honest I use to like magazine’s when I was a teenager. But now, forget it. Most of it seems to be celebrity gossip and different magazine’s don’t always tell the same story. That and when I use to work at a grocery store I noticed a lot of the magazine’s would mention a specific celebrity couple a lot. One month they are together and the next month it says one of them cheated. But when I see the covers for the celebrity gossip now I think “Who care’s!?” If I like a celebrity I like them for their work. Not for who they date. The next reason is because these days I can look it up online instead of buying a magazine about it. Especially if it only has one article that interest’s me. But now that I think about it I realize that if there is a celebrity that inspires us or that we look up to, it’s only human to want to learn more about them. But again I would rather look it up or read a biography about them. Cause like I said before, not all magazine’s are true. 


Author: justmytwocents95

I blog about various topics. Some are about me and some are about other things. They will not be organized into just one topic. . I prefer blogging over vlogging because I hate the sound of my voice. But I will try to keep my blogs interesting. Some random facts about me would that my sun sign is Cancer, my Moon sign is Pisces and my rising is Leo. I am an INFP. My favorite shows are Steven Universe, Teen Titans (The Original), Avatar: The Last Airbender and Batman The Animated Series. My favorite movie is Spirited Away. I also love fast roller coasters. Anyways thanks for reading this. I hope you enjoy my blogs. Let me know what you think. I am open to constructive criticism. Also if you do enjoy my blogs feel free to share, comment or like. It really helps me out. :)

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