Why Does Disney Keep Making Live Action Versions of Their Animated Classics?

Hey everyone! I finally came up with an idea of what to blog about. Which is ironic cause I just made a short blog about running out of ideas 5 minutes ago. Anyways, let’s get back on topic. So my question is, why does Disney keep making live action versions of their animated classics? Have they ran out of ideas of new stories? Is it a way of rebooting their classic films somehow? I really don’t know the answer. I just thought it was an interesting question. For the past year or two they have released live action versions of Tarzan, The Jungle Book, and Cinderella.  I also heard that there will soon be a live action movie of Beauty and The Beast. But my question is why? I mean really why? Maybe it is their way of trying to make their movies more appealing to both kids and adults. Maybe it’s their way of making their stories seem more realistic. Maybe they just want to. Who knows? Anyways. I just thought this was interesting. Maybe it’s ALL of the reasons I mentioned. Again I don’t know for sure I am just guessing and trying to figure this out from their point of view.


Author: justmytwocents95

I blog about various topics. Some are about me and some are about other things. They will not be organized into just one topic. . I prefer blogging over vlogging because I hate the sound of my voice. But I will try to keep my blogs interesting. Some random facts about me would that my sun sign is Cancer, my Moon sign is Pisces and my rising is Leo. I am an INFP. My favorite shows are Steven Universe, Teen Titans (The Original), Avatar: The Last Airbender and Batman The Animated Series. My favorite movie is Spirited Away. I also love fast roller coasters. Anyways thanks for reading this. I hope you enjoy my blogs. Let me know what you think. I am open to constructive criticism. Also if you do enjoy my blogs feel free to share, comment or like. It really helps me out. :)

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