My Favorite YouTube Channels

Whenever I google “most popular youtubers” the results were often YouTube channels that I have never heard of. The only one that I heard of that was on the list was pewdi pie. All of the others I have never even heard of until after reading the list. So I decided to share a list of some of my favorite YouTube channels. Also these are not listed in any order. I like the majority of these equally.

Nostalgia Critic

He makes reviews about movies and some tv shows. His reviews are very well detailed and thought out and comical. Most of his reviews are very down to earth. Some of his reviews are funnier and some are less comical but still enjoyable. The way he reviews things is always interesting and he is very good at keeping his audience engaged in what he talks about. Even if you disagree with his opinions you have to admit he does make some valid points. There are sometimes when he points out things in movies that I hadn’t noticed until he mentioned it. But whether you agree or disagree with him, his videos are still awesome!

Phantom Strider

Phantom Strider is also a movie and cartoon reviewer. Most of his videos are of lists of either his favorite or least favorite movies, cartoons or episodes of cartoons of a specific category. One of the things I like about this YouTuber is the way his tone is. Whenever he describes something that he dislikes the tone he uses is dramatic and funny. Also he is very agreeable. It’s really hard for me to not agree with most of his lists because when he picks the best of the best or the worst of the worst for his lists, they really are either that bad or that good. Maybe he and I just have similar tastes in TV. But if you haven’t seen his channel you should give it a chance.


Natewantstobattle also known as Nathan Sharp is a musician . Most of his covers are rock. He has an incredible voice and he is also a huge huge fan of cartoons. Some of his songs are his own that were inspired by some of his favorite shows. And some of them are cover songs from other bands or shows. He is very talented and creative and is also good at hitting high notes!

Fictional Crystals

Fictional Crystals is a Youtube channel that makes theories about the show Steven Universe. There are other cartoon theorist youtube channels out there but this particular channel is one of my favorites. Her theories are very well put together and are often hard to disagree with (Unless proven wrong in the show.) Often times theories for cartoons are eventually proven either right or wrong. But even if some of them are wrong you have to admit they are still very interesting to think about.  Her videos are also not too long or too short. She gets her point across quick and easy.



Author: justmytwocents95

I blog about various topics. Some are about me and some are about other things. They will not be organized into just one topic. . I prefer blogging over vlogging because I hate the sound of my voice. But I will try to keep my blogs interesting. Some random facts about me would that my sun sign is Cancer, my Moon sign is Pisces and my rising is Leo. I am an INFP. My favorite shows are Steven Universe, Teen Titans (The Original), Avatar: The Last Airbender and Batman The Animated Series. My favorite movie is Spirited Away. I also love fast roller coasters. Anyways thanks for reading this. I hope you enjoy my blogs. Let me know what you think. I am open to constructive criticism. Also if you do enjoy my blogs feel free to share, comment or like. It really helps me out. :)

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