My Favorite YouTube Channels

Whenever I google “most popular youtubers” the results were often YouTube channels that I have never heard of. The only one that I heard of that was on the list was pewdi pie. All of the others I have never even heard of until after reading the list. So I decided to share a list of some of my favorite YouTube channels. Also these are not listed in any order. I like the majority of these equally.

Nostalgia Critic

He makes reviews about movies and some tv shows. His reviews are very well detailed and thought out and comical. Most of his reviews are very down to earth. Some of his reviews are funnier and some are less comical but still enjoyable. The way he reviews things is always interesting and he is very good at keeping his audience engaged in what he talks about. Even if you disagree with his opinions you have to admit he does make some valid points. There are sometimes when he points out things in movies that I hadn’t noticed until he mentioned it. But whether you agree or disagree with him, his videos are still awesome!

Phantom Strider

Phantom Strider is also a movie and cartoon reviewer. Most of his videos are of lists of either his favorite or least favorite movies, cartoons or episodes of cartoons of a specific category. One of the things I like about this YouTuber is the way his tone is. Whenever he describes something that he dislikes the tone he uses is dramatic and funny. Also he is very agreeable. It’s really hard for me to not agree with most of his lists because when he picks the best of the best or the worst of the worst for his lists, they really are either that bad or that good. Maybe he and I just have similar tastes in TV. But if you haven’t seen his channel you should give it a chance.


Natewantstobattle also known as Nathan Sharp is a musician . Most of his covers are rock. He has an incredible voice and he is also a huge huge fan of cartoons. Some of his songs are his own that were inspired by some of his favorite shows. And some of them are cover songs from other bands or shows. He is very talented and creative and is also good at hitting high notes!

Fictional Crystals

Fictional Crystals is a Youtube channel that makes theories about the show Steven Universe. There are other cartoon theorist youtube channels out there but this particular channel is one of my favorites. Her theories are very well put together and are often hard to disagree with (Unless proven wrong in the show.) Often times theories for cartoons are eventually proven either right or wrong. But even if some of them are wrong you have to admit they are still very interesting to think about.  Her videos are also not too long or too short. She gets her point across quick and easy.



My Top Favorite Cartoons 2017

Today’s blog is about my top favorite cartoons that are still airing as of 2017. Some of you might know I am a huge fan of cartoons. But I am also picky about which one’s I like and don’t like. Here we go.

#3 Rick and Morty

rick kand morty

Yup Rick and Morty! I use to watch Family and American Dad more often until I watched Rick and Morty. THIS SHOW is epic! Rick is basically a super genius and takes his grandson Morty on adventures to other dimensions. Rick can also come off as insensitive and a smart ass but overall he isn’t evil or a villain. Morty is basically his sidekick and is the complete opposite of Rick. Morty is not as smart as Rick but he is more sensitive and considerate of other’s feelings. I could mention more but I don’t wanna spoil anything in the series if you haven’t seen it yet.


#2 Star Vs The Forces of Evil


Star VS The Forces of Evil is a magical, drama filled and action packed cartoon. Star Butterfly is the magical princess of Mewni and is sent to Earth for her training.  She is best friends and roommates with Marco Diaz. She is sent to an earth school for education and trained by Glossaryck for her magic training. Star is given her wand as a tool and weapon to cast spells against evil forces. The wand is passed down the Butterfly Family through generations. But even though Star loves magic and fighting, she still fears the responsibilities of someday being queen of Mewni. As the series progresses we learn more and more about Star, her family history and more villains in the series.


#1 Steven Universe

Steven Universe

Yes, Steven Universe. This show is just outstanding. I don’t know where to start. The art style is beautiful, the characters are relatable and complex. The story is FULL of mysteries, action, drama and character development. The show is seen in Steven’s point of view. Steven is a human/gem hybrid and gains more and more powers throughout the series. His father is still alive but his mother Rose Quartz gave up her physical form to have Steven. Steven is raised by his father Greg and the Crystal Gems Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl. Rose Quartz is a gem warrior who started a rebellion against the home world gems to protect the earth and all of it’s life forms. However, Steven learns more and more about both himself and his mother throughout the series. We also learn more about home world and the other gems throughout the series. I don’t wanna spoil anything though. You’ll have to see it for yourself. This show is one of the best cartoons I have seen in my life. While the other current cartoons that I listed are just as amazing, this one is number one on the list because of how incredibly complex and imaginative it is. It is also full of so many emotions. When a character is sad you legitimately feel sad for them. This goes for both the protagonists and antagonists in the show. The other thing about this show that I love is how it explains morals. It portrays that not every side is completely evil or good. It goes deep in it’s morality also by conveying it in a more gray/colorful way rather than being just plain black and white or clear cut in it’s morality standards.



Why I Don’t Watch The News. 

Hey everyone! Some of you who have seen my other blogs before probably remember my post: Why I Don’t Read Magazine’s. This blog is kind of like that one but different. The news is often full of sad stories and events. It reminds me how often awful events happen and that danger can happen anywhere. While it is true bad things happen all the time, I don’t watch the news because it’s so much sadness to sink in. It makes me wonder if news channels ever have positive news to share. And maybe they have and I just haven’t seen it. But if there is something on the news that strikes my interest I’d most likely look it up online. But that’s just my two cents on this anyways. 

Why I Don’t Read Magazine’s Blog:

My Experience With Etsy 



Many of you have probably heard or Etsy. If you haven’t that’s okay because I’m still gonna explain what it is. It’s basically a website where people buy and sell handmade items. Whether it’s jewelry, clothing, soaps, toys or anything. My experience with Etsy has been neutral. It could be better and could be worse. I sell Craft Lace Bracelets.  I buy the craft lace and braid the bracelets by myself. Each one takes about 3 hours for me to braid. I sell them for three dollars. I honestly do have fun with making these. I have had my shop since late 2016. My sales have been low but I figured it takes patience anyways. I remember reading an article about mistakes that some Etsy sellers make and one of the things on the list was “giving up too soon.” Which makes sense to me because these says patience is rare. Many people expect things to happen in a flash. But that’s not always realistic. Here’s the link to my shop:
My username and shop name on Etsy are completely different from my username on WordPress.

My Thoughts On The Movie Moana (No Spoilers)

Today I will share my thoughts on the movie Moana. I saw this movie in theaters a few weeks ago and I was impressed! I like that even the chicken had an interesting role in the story. Each of the songs in the movie are likable. The animation is gorgeous. I also appreciate that they didn’t  really mention marriage in the movie. It was more about adventure and following your calling. The other two Disney Princess movies besides this one that have not had marriage at the end were Frozen and Brave. Marriage is NOT bad, but it is nice to have movies that don’t imply it heavily.

My Unpopular Opinions

Hello everyone! Today’s blog post is gonna be a little different. I will be writing (typing) about some of my opinions that are not that popular. Okay, here we go.

I Don’t Like Adventure Time

For some reason I never found this show very funny and I’m not really a fan of their animation style. The only characters in it that I enjoy are Ice King and Marcelline. I find all of the other characters boring. I DON’T hate this show. I just don’t understand how SO MANY people go crazy about it. But this is just my opinion.

I Don’t Like Star Trek THE SHOW

I like the movies I just don’t like the show. The Star Treck movie’s feel more real, action packed and alive! I just don’t get that same vibe from the TV show. Do I hate the show? No. Do I find it boring? Yeah… 

I Think Kevin Conroy Is The Best Batman Actor. 

It’s hard to explain why. I am actually not sure how popular this opinion is. But either way I think Kevin Conroy freaking rock’s Batman’s voice! 

I Like DC More Than Marvel.

Most people that I know prefer Marvel over DC. For me it is the opposite. I like DC better because not only did they make great hero’s but they also made great VILLAINS! Both the villains and hero’s are equally interesting. The other reason why I prefer DC is because while I will admit Marvel DOES make better LIVE ACTION movies, DC makes better animated cartoons than Marvel. To me that stands out since I am a huge fan of cartoons. 

I Don’t Like Cranberries

No I am not talking about the band. I am talking about the actual food. For some reason I don’t like cranberry’s or anything cranberry flavored. Not the juice, the sauce, the dressing or even craisens. I just don’t like the taste.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I understand if you disagree with any of the statements I made. However it is good to RESPECT people’s opinions even if you disagree with them. 

Best Movies 2016-2017

So far 2016-2017 has had some fantastic movies! I say so far because this blog is being made in January 2017. If I miss any great movies that happen to be released later in the year I apologize. Before I get started with this list I wanted to note that this list is based off of my OPINION. If you like or dislike any of the movies on this list that is perfectly okay. 

#4 Suicide Squad

In  2016 I saw the Suicide Squad movie. Being a huge fan of the New 52 Suicide Squad comics, I had to see this movie! I must admit that it was a little bit different from what I expected but it was still good. They had the right people to play the character’s. Especially the actor for Amanda Waller! Even though Jared Leto was not my favorite pick for the Joker he still did a decent job. (Note: Mark Hamill is my favorite voice actor for the Joker.) Another Thing that pissed a lot of people off was that Joker was actually nice to Harley in this movie while in the comics he is anything but nice to her. This change in the movie did not bother me though because 1) The movie wasn’t completely about Joker and Harley anyways. It was about the entire Suicide Squad. 2) I actually find it nice to see Joker nice to Harley for once.

#3 Doctor Strange

Before I saw this movie I had no idea what to expect because I have never read any of the Doctor Strange comics. (I am more of a DC fan)  I saw the movie with my family and it was incredible! I don’t wanna spoil it but I will say that the sound effects and the action scenes were part of what made the movie. It also has a lot of great morals!

#2 Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

While this is not a Harry Potter film I will say that if you are a fan of the Harry Potter films then there is no doubt that you will love this movie! It takes place in the Harry Potter world but all of the characters are different and the plot is different. I don’t wanna spoil too much but in it a man loses a brief case that has a hidden world of magical creature’s inside them. A random muggle man and two female wizard’s help him get it back along the way while also stopping a villain. 

#1 Sing

As soon as I saw the previews for this movie I immediately had high expectations for it and I was not disappointed one bit! This movie is all about singing (of course), dreaming, and never giving up! This movie is also very humorous. I was also surprised that Seth MacFarlane was in it. He is a wonderful singer and actor of course! I was just surprised that he was in this movie because I am so used to seeing him in adult cartoons and movies. (Which of course he also does a good job in.) I don’t want to spoil the movie for you though. You’ll have to see it yourself.